Mobile Auto Glass Replacement

Atlas Auto Glass provides prompt same day mobile auto glass replacement in Texas  We understand that it is sometimes easier for us to come to your location to replace a window. That’s why we provide mobile auto glass replacement. Many of our customers schedule a windshield replacement while they are at work. Or mobile service to their house or apartment. Whatever the case is we have Certified Mobile Experts that can come to your place of preference and complete most car window replacements. In most cases, the full mobile auto glass replacement takes less than an hour. Our glass experts travel with all the necessary tools and equipment needed to complete a clean secure installation. They carry mobile vacuums with them for clean up. That way we can clean out as much of the broken glass as possible. We have two locations that our techs dispatch from. This allows for faster turn around time. Scheduling is made easy. You can schedule service by filling out your information online. Use our Book Appointment page. You can also call or text (832)274-4684 to set up an appointment. Be sure to leave an address and phone number. Mobile auto glass replacement is an area of expertise of ours. Don’t trust your vehicle to just any schmuck in a truck. Call Atlas Auto Glass for the best quality glass with excellent service at an affordable price. All of our work is guaranteed for the life of the car. Early morning and late afternoon service can also be scheduled. We will work to accommodate busy work schedules. We also work with many fleet vehicles. We can send multiple techs to the same location.

Sunroof Replacement and Repair

We specialize in sunroof and moonroof replacements, repair, and installation services. We have the tools, training, and natural skills needed to perform flawless workmanship. We are confident our services will fit your needs and your budget. Contact us today to find out the next available appointment time for your car. Because we offer specialized services, our replacements are completed quickly without sacrificing quality. Enjoy a new and safer sunroof soon with our help. sunroof repair houston

What is a sunroof?

Sunroofs open and close with the help of several mechanical and electrical features in the vehicle. Sunroofs are powered by a small motor and short rods, which push and pull the window to open and close. While it may seem like the process is simple, there are several reasons why a sunroof stops working. The motor receives electrical power and energy from the car battery. If the battery is compromised, so is the sunroof operation. If your sunroof stops working for any reason, our technicians will diagnose and treat the problem effectively and in a timely manner. We have the tools needed to determine which part of the electrical process is damaged and identify how it is affecting your sunroof.

Types of sunroof’s:

We are familiar with and will service any type of sunroof:

  • Slide back
  • Panoramic
  • Flip up

Our technicians are trained to accurately assess each vehicle at every appointment. Once we’ve looked at the car, we will offer a professional opinion regarding services. We only advise full sunroof replacement if that is the right option for you. Some sunroof problems do not require replacement. For example, some leaks are caused by dirt and debris in the drainage system’s inner channels. Our technicians will clear the blocks and ensure your sunroof seals tight when closed.


We have been doing sunroof repairs for many years. We take pride in our craft and guarantee beautiful workmanship. Whether the issue is mechanical, electrical, or physical, we will determine the best course of action for the repair. We perform all our sunroof repair services in-house and, for your convenience, we have many parts on hand. We will complete your repair quickly without sacrificing quality. Call now to get a quote for your sunroof repair. We repair car, truck, and SUV sunroofs.

Rock Chip Repair


  • Faster turn around time than Safelite®
  • OEM quality repairs, we will negotiate with your insurance company to use the highest quality glass for your replacement.
  • Approved by all major insurance companies.
  • Save on your insurance deductible.
  • We do all the insurance paperwork.

Using your insurance won’t cause your rates to go up. If you use your insurance to replace your windshield, it won’t cause your rates to go up. Most windshield damage is from factors outside of your control and has nothing to do with your driving, so the insurance company won’t raise your rates. For bodywork, we are usually able to give up to $500 off of your deductible. If you use your insurance with us, we will take care of the paperwork for you. We provide prompt, the no-hassle service that can save you money. Feel free to contact us for more details on your insurance.