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716 Fairview St , Houston, Texas 77006

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Auto glass stafford

Auto glass repair andAuto glass stafford replacement has been our specialty for almost 20 years in the Houston area. Atlas Auto Glass can work with you in order to maximize your benefit on all auto glass repairs and windshield replacements. Atlas glass is committed to providing you with fast, affordable service. Read more

Open 7 days a week. Free estimates. No Appointment Necessary Bumper repair and replacement 2 Year Warranty on Service Serving Houston Over 25 Years Lifetime Warranty on Work

  • Friendly, fast, reasonable prices.

    JOHN C
    Friendly, fast, reasonable prices. I highly recommend them! I had a frustrating and painful smash-and-grab from the night before and never imagined that by 11:15 the next morning I'd be driving away with a new tinted rear side window for my Toyota 4Runner - with antenna. Did I mention how nice they were? Great, convenient location for Montrose - or anywhere inside the loop. Isn't Houston great?! When bad stuff happens - caused by jerks- there are people like the guys at Atlas who make the whole experience almost worth it!
  • Quick and easy window repair.

    Quick and easy window repair after my window got smashed out. My only complaint is that they didn't fully clean out the broken glass from my car. Otherwise, great job!
  • Same day service....Awesome service

    Not only will they get you in same day, but they are also open 7 days a week. Great prices and some of the nicest people. Made an appointment for a windshield replacement and was out in an hour.

FAQ’S & News

  • What is a windshield repair?

    Windshield repair is the only thing that can stop a chip or crack from spreading out. Imagine your driving down the freeway and a rock hits your windshield and left behind a small star shaped chip. You keep going on with your day. After work you come out to your car and wouldn’t you know it, a 5 inch crack! If you wait much longer to fix it it will grow and get dirty. So the first thing to do is cover it up with tape. Now go find a windshield repair place to fix it or your going to have to replace the windshield later on and that aren’t going to feel good.

  • How long does it take to replace a windshield?

    Most windshield replacement and glass installations take 1 to 2 hours. Our staff can schedule installation over the phone and provide you with an accurate time estimate.

  • Do we provide a mobile service?

    Atlas Auto Glass provides mobile service for windshield replacement and other services within a 30 mile radius. We’ll come to wherever you’re located in Houston, and its surrounding areas.

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